Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Student Booted for Being Christian: Missouri Univ.

Attorneys for Andrew Cash have filed a federal lawsuit against Missouri State University saying that the graduate student was kicked out of a master's counseling program because he said that validating same-sex marriage violated his religious beliefs.
“[Andrew Cash] was targeted and punished for expressing his Christian worldview regarding a hypothetical situation concerning whether he would provide counseling services to a gay/homosexual couple. . . . Since he did not give the ‘correct’ answer required by his counseling instructors, he was considered unsuitable for counseling and terminated from the program.”
-- Complaint, filed in the Western District of Missouri Court

-- From "Missouri State student says he was kicked out of school because he wouldn't counsel gay couples" by The Associated Press 4/23/16

Andrew Cash said he was removed from the master's counseling program at Missouri State in 2014 after telling a professor in 2011 he would not counsel gay couples. Cash started the program in 2007.

The Thomas More Society, a Chicago-based public interest law firm, filed the lawsuit Tuesday on behalf of Cash. The lawsuit in federal court in Springfield names the university's board of governors and several school officials as defendants. It claims the university denied Cash's rights to religion and free speech and seeks unspecified monetary and punitive damages.

According to the lawsuit, W. K. Boyce, executive director of the Christian-based counseling center where Cash interned, made a presentation to one of Cash's classes in 2011. In response to a question during that presentation, Boyce said he would counsel gay individuals separately but would refer gay couples to other counselors who did not share his religious beliefs.

About a week later, Cash's internship coordinator questioned Cash about his own views on counseling gay couples, the lawsuit said. Cash said he also would counsel gay people individually but refer them to someone else for couple counseling.

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From "MSU sued by student who told professor he wouldn't counsel gay couples" by Harrison Keegan, Springfield News-Leader 4/21/16

The lawsuit says Cash was a student at MSU in January 2011 when he began an internship at the Springfield Marriage and Family Institute, a Christian-based organization.

Cash told his internship coordinator, Kristi Perryman, that he would also not counsel gay couples, according to the lawsuit, and Perryman told Cash that went against the American Counseling Association's code of ethics.

The lawsuit says Perryman told Cash he was not allowed to continue his internship at the Springfield Marriage and Family institute because of "ethical concerns."

In November 2014, the lawsuit says, Cash was removed from the master's program. The lawsuit says he had a 3.81 GPA.

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From "Student Sues MSU" by John Thomas, KTTS-FM94.7 (Springfield, MO) 4/22/16

Andrew Cash claims the University is violating its mission of being a place for free exchange of ideas and values, both religious and secular.

"Traditionally, universities have been places for free exchange of ideas and values, both religious and secular," said Thomas Olp, Executive Director and Attorney for the Thomas More Society. "Unfortunately, Missouri State University departed from its mission by denying educational opportunity to Mr. Cash simply because he expressed, in an academic setting, sincerely-held religious beliefs which his advisor deemed hostile to her own and therefore unacceptable.

An educator should not permit her own ideology and agenda to ruin the educational opportunities of her students. We feel the responsibility, on Mr. Cash's behalf, to try to correct this."

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From "It's not the first time MSU has faced 'religious freedom' lawsuit" by Alissa Zhu, Springfield News-Leader 4/25/16

Emily Brooker sued the university in 2006, accusing the school and a faculty member of violating her First Amendment rights when she refused to sign a letter supporting same-sex adoption. Brooker was a student in the School of Social Work.

Brooker alleged in her lawsuit that faculty members interrogated her for over two hours and asked her questions such as: “Do you think gays and lesbians are sinners?” and “Do you think I am a sinner?”

Brooker made national headlines before reaching a settlement with the university.

David Kaplan, the chief professional officer of the American Counseling Association, said students in other states have filed lawsuits against schools when they felt their religious beliefs came in conflict with the professional association's code.

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From "Student files suit against MSU after being dismissed from counseling program due to his faith" posted at Houston (Missouri) Herald 4/27/16

. . . [Cash's] suit claims that he was unable to complete his counseling curriculum, and is now prevented from working as a counselor, causing him daily emotional suffering. He is seeking for MSU to reinstate him in his counseling program with safeguards put in place so that he can successfully earn his degree.

As a part of the degree program, students are required to complete clinical internship hours. Cash started his internship in January 2011 with the Springfield Marriage and Family Institute, which had been approved by MSU as an internship site. At least one other student in the M.S. in Counseling program had previously completed an internship there. The Institute is a Christian-based counseling agency, and MSU knew this when it approved Cash's internship in January 2011.

. . . Although Cash worked with the administration to find a different internship, the faculty advisor required him, as a condition of being re-accepted to a new internship, to prove to her that he "had learned something from the experience at the Springfield Marriage and Family Institute."  Later, the same advisor wrote a letter to department officials claiming that it appeared to her – despite a total lack of evidence – that she suspected that Cash had not recanted from his earlier-stated religious views. She then made a recommendation, which was accepted, to force Cash into "remediation."

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Monday, May 02, 2016

Prayer Banned in Washington Town — Nobody Cares

The Vader City Council in Washington state voted on Thursday to eliminate the invocation at public meetings. As the local newspaper reported, they "voted to ban the practice of performing a Christian prayer."  Only Mayor Ken Smith spoke in favor of the invocations, but both he and Councilor Joe Schey, who said he believes public prayer is constitutionally protected, quickly yielded their position.

No one in the community of several hundred people bothered to comment.

For background, read U.S. Supreme Court 2014 Ruling Allows Christian Prayer in Civic Meetings, in fact Supreme Court Justice Scalia Said Government Should Favor God of the Bible

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Also read how pubic invocations across America are being commandeered by atheists and satanists.

-- From "Vader City Council Votes to Ban Prayer at Meetings" by Jordan Nailon, The Chronicle (Centralia, WA) 4/29/16

Councilor Judi Costello was the first to speak out about the practice of invocation, stating her belief that conducting a prayer at the beginning of city council meetings represented a violation of the necessary separation of church and state.

Councilor Jason Dailey also disapproved of the invocations due to issues arising from the constitutionally prescribed separation of religion and government.

Councilor Andy Wilson noted that he was also against the practice, although he cited time constraints as the lone reason.

There were no comments from the crowd regarding the practice of meeting invocations.

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Sunday, May 01, 2016

Catholic Univ. Hits Staffer for Pro-Catholic Views

An alumni office employee of Loyola Marymount University (LMU), a Jesuit institution located near Los Angeles, California, espoused the Roman Catholic views concerning "sexual orientation" with Cosette Carleo, a student who claims to be "gender neutral."  Carleo accused the employee of committing the hate crime of "denying transgenderism" so the University promptly suspended the employee.
“The University stands behind its statement of non-discrimination, which prohibits unwelcome, harassing conduct on the basis of several classifications, including gender identity and sexual orientation.”
-- John Kiralla, Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT)
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Also read Must Censor Speech, Say Most College Students

-- From "15-Year Catholic Employee of Loyola Marymount University Suspended Accused of Hate Crime" by Kevin Whitson, Western Journalism 4/30/16

There apparently are two versions to the story of what occurred April 14 on the campus of Loyola Marymount University.

If the LMU Gender Sexuality Alliance’s story is to be believed, an LMU employee of the alumni office allegedly tore down and threw away LGBTQ+ Awareness Week posters, and accosted three LMU students, one of who self-identifies as gender neutral.

According to LMU’s GSA press release, the employee “aggressively confronted” the students who were attempting to rehang the posters and “replied hatefully” to them adding the employee was “denying the existence of transgender people” and that “heterosexuality is the only truth.”

Substantiating the employee’s claim that she’s the target of a smear campaign, an alumnus, Anthony Gonzales, overheard the entire incident and wrote a lengthy article in defense of the long-time LMU employee.

The other side of the story is vastly different from the one being told by Carleo, the GSA, and The Loyolan (campus newspaper) which published an article about the incident. . . .

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From "Believing in two genders is a ‘hate crime’ under police investigation at Catholic college" by Matt Lamb, University of Nebraska-Omaha, posted at The College Fix 4/27/16

Both the [Los Angeles Police Department] and the university’s Bias Incident Response Team are investigating the stated belief that only two genders exist, male and female, as a hate crime.

. . . Gonzales said the employee was “in the process of seeking legal counsel” to defend herself and hold LMU accountable for how she was “unfairly treated and summarily dismissed” before she could give her side. He did not immediately respond to a Facebook message from The Fix Tuesday night.

Though the Bias Incident Response Team told The Loyolan there were two investigations – the sign removal and the employee’s conversation with the students – Carleo admitted they have no evidence that the employee removed the signs.

Carleo told The Fix that while voices were raised in the conversation, there was no actual yelling, and witnesses who considered intervening saw that “there was no danger.”

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From "Alleged LGBTQ+ hate crime, during Rainbow Week" by Kellie Chudzinski, Asst. News Editor, The Los Angeles Loyolan 4/19/16

Three student workers from the LGBT Student Services office were engaged in a verbal altercation with an LMU employee from the Alumni Relations office between 9 a.m and 12 p.m. on Palm Walk near the Von der Ahe building on Thursday, April 14, according to a Gender-Sexuality Alliance press release.

Senior biology major Catalina Ibarra and senior business majors Kaii Blanton and Cosette Carleo noticed that signs put up for Rainbow Week, or LGBTQ+ Awareness Week, by LGBT Student Services (LGBTSS) had been removed and placed behind a garbage can, according to Carleo.

As Blaton, Carleo and Ibarra attempted to replace the signs, an employee from the Alumni Relations office, whose name has not yet been made available to the public, allegedly approached the students about LGBTQ+ issues and voiced opinions on differing sexualities, expressing that anti-LGBTQ+ signs should be put up in place of the students’ signs. The employee also referred to one of the students as a man, even though that student had informed the employee that they identify as gender neutral, according to Carleo.

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From "University employee is accused of hate crime for defending Catholic teaching" posted at California Catholic Daily 4/17/16

[Excerpts from an April 16 email forwarded to California Catholic Daily from the husband of the subject employee:]

At the time [of the incident] my wife was talking to alum [Gonzales], who thankfully heard the entire exchange. After determining they had permission to post the signs, the group engaged in a what my wife thought was a very good dialogue of ideas and opinions. The girls were posting signs promoting the various sexual activities and orientations of the LGBTQ. My wife is Catholic and a strong supporter of the Church, marriage and family, and Catholic morality. Of particular focus was the girls promotion of what they label “PanSexual” i.e. someone who participates (or prefers) every kind of sexual encounter. One of the girls identified herself as lesbian and accused my wife of not loving women. My wife pointed out she was called to love everyone, including the girls. She said she found the whole sexual labeling thing was causing confusion especially in the youth whose sexuality is still malleable. The girls agreed with my wife that they too disagreed with the ideas behind Pan-sexuality, claiming they wanted monogamy, but wanted to give it a label so people could identify themselves. My wife pointed out that this was promotion of these lifestyles not just labeling and this was offensive to her heart. It was lovingly expression of disagreement, and a legitimate exchange of ideas and reasons, with my wife defending the Truths of the Church, and listening with love to these girls ideas.

. . . Everyone thanked the other upon leaving, the girls thanking my wife for her opinions and “appreciated the dialogue’. My wife agreed.

. . . My wife was informed this morning that she is suspended from her job of 15 years pending an investigation of this “incident”. No one got her side of the story. In addition there was an alumni witness who verified her accounts of the conversation. No one has spoken to him either.

. . . No-one from the University talked to my wife before the Loyolan article was written, or before she was suspended and sent home. My wife, when she read the article, immediately went to her supervisor to protest the accuracy of the article. Her supervisor refused to talk to her and simply sent her home to let HR investigate.

Clearly my wife has been defamed by the Loyolan, and by lack of supervision, the University itself. The University is responsible for this hateful twist of the truth and allowing these lies to be published without getting the other side. If the girls involved really concocted this lie they too are guilty of libel and slander. We are a Catholic Family and hold true to the faith expressed by Christ. But now, being a loving Catholic called to care for others is a Hate crime at LMU, ironically at so called Catholic University.

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Also read this past news article:

From "Jesuit Loyola Marymount University Launches LGBT Office" by Kathleen Gilbert, LifeSiteNews.com 9/28/10

Unlike the school's student-run Gay Straight Alliance club, the [new LGBT office] will supply professional staff to minister to LGBT students, following in the footsteps of Georgetown University and Gonzaga University.  Dr. Lane Bove, senior vice president for Student Affairs, described the office's role as promoting "equality, visibility and inclusion of LGBT students within the LMU community" as well as "advocacy and support for the LGBT student community" and engaging "regular dialogues about the intersection of sexual orientation and gender identity with issues of faith, religion and culture.”

At the Web site of LMU's Intercultural Affairs/Sexual and Gender Identity Office, the school states a commitment to "developing socially responsible men and women" who will "learn to value the unique qualities of diverse cultures." Notably, the graphic for the office's site includes a photograph of a young woman holding a sign protesting Proposition 8, the constitutional amendment in California establishing the definition of marriage as between a man and a woman.

The Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles did not return a request for comment.

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However, Judge Rules Illinois College Must Accept 'Anti-Gay' Speech

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Lesbian Pedophile Arrested over 2-year-old Girl

Peggy Louise Atkins
Police in Simpsonville, South Carolina have charged Peggy Louise Atkins with third-degree criminal sexual conduct for abusing a toddler while employed as a nurse for a company hired by Medicare and paid by the state Department of Social Services.  The offender was observed by foster parents with the 2-year-old girl in an "inappropriate position" in order to sexually stimulate Atkins.

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-- From "Simpsonville woman arrested under child abuse charges" by Thomas Lanahan, WACH-TV57 (Columbia, SC) 4/28/16

Police say the incident happened at the home [of the foster parents] on Monday afternoon.

Atkins was being held Wednesday at the Greenville County Detention Center under no bond.

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From "Foster child's nurse accused of abuse" by Anna Lee, Greenville (South Carolina) News - USA TODAY Network 4/27/16

Lt. Timmie Williams of the Simpsonville Police Department said the nurse was taken into custody Wednesday after a 2-year-old was abused at a home in the Westwood subdivision on April 18.

The warrant alleges Atkins committed a "lewd or lascivious act" upon the body of a 2-year-old girl.

A foster parent filed the complaint, saying the nurse had the child in an "inappropriate position," Williams said.

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From "Nurse accused of sex crime against 2-year-old in Simpsonville" posted at WSPA-TV7 (Spartanburg, SC) 4/27/16

The [arrest] warrant says Atkins “… willfully and lewdly commit lewd or lascivious act upon or with the body of a 2-year-old female victim (EM), with the intent of arousing, appealing to, or gratifying the list, passions, or sexual desires of the defendant.”

The warrant says probable cause came from witness statements and photographic evidence.

. . . The 2-year-old’s birth mother tells us she believes her daughter’s suffering could have been prevented . . . [and] says her 2-year-old daughter can’t move or speak and needs daily medical care. Last year, she was left paralyzed from her father’s abuse. After her baby went to the hospital, the state never let her bring her home.

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Yet evidence shows "sexual orientation" is learned behavior, NOT genetic.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Too Many Minority Babies, Feds Say of Teen Births

Although the rate of abortion among minorities is disproportionately high compared to white Americans, in a new report, President Obama's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is lamenting that too many black and Hispanic babies are surviving teenage pregnancies.
“Despite this historic progress, profound disparities remain.”
-- Bill Albert, National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy
For background, read 'Invisible' Abortions Soar Among Teens — Plan B

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-- From "CDC: Teen Birth Rates Plunge, But Racial Disparities Persist" by Mike Stobbe, Associated Press Medical Writer 4/29/16

The Hispanic teen birth rate fell by half over about eight years, and the black teen birth rate dropped nearly that much. But even with those declines, the white teen birth rate is still only half as high, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday.

. . . in the new report, the CDC focused on 2006 through 2014 — the most recent phase of the decline, when the fall was steepest.

The recent drops in the black and Hispanic teen birth rates look more dramatic in part because they started at far higher rate, Albert said. The Hispanic rate fell 51 percent — from 77 to 38 births per 1,000 Hispanic girls ages 15 to 19. The black rate fell 44 percent — from 62 to 35 per 1,000.

The white rate fell 35 percent, from 27 to 17 per 1,000.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "U.S. teen births hit historic low with plunge in minority rate" by Reuters 4/28/16

The birth rate among teenagers in the United States has fallen to a historic low, with births by black and Hispanic teens down by nearly half over the past decade, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on Thursday.

But officials said the U.S. teen birth rate was still too high, especially for minorities, and more work was needed.

"While reasons for the declines are not clear, teens seem to be less sexually active, and more of those who are sexually active seem to be using birth control than in previous years," the CDC said.

"The United States has made remarkable progress in reducing both teen pregnancy and racial and ethnic differences, but the reality is, too many American teens are still having babies," CDC Director Tom Frieden said in a statement.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Teen birthrate hits all-time low, led by 50 percent decline among Hispanics and blacks" by Ariana Eunjung Cha, Washington Post 4/28/16

The first [speculated cause for the drop in teen birthrate] is the most important and may be obvious: Today's teens enjoy better access to contraception and more convenient contraception than their predecessors, and more of them are taking advantage of innovations like long-acting injectable and implantable methods [LARC] that can last years over a daily birth control pill. But the second cause is something that goes against the conventional wisdom. It's that teens -- despite their portrayal in popular TV and movies as uninhibited and acting only on hormones -- are having less sex.

Veronica Gomez-Lobo, director of pediatric gynecology at Children’s National Medical Center, said the trend of abstinence has been mostly among younger teens rather than older ones. While there's not good data on why this is happening, she thinks of it as a “contagion” factor. So many teens are waiting to have sex, she suggests, that the peer pressure goes the opposite way than it might have in the past.

“We think this is a very healthy trend,” Gomez-Lobo said.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Florida School vs. Obama Transgender Bathroom Regs

This week, the Marion County Public Schools of Ocala, Florida enacted a policy in a direct challenge to President Obama's Department of Education heavy-handed edict that schools nationwide must allow men to use girl's restrooms, locker rooms, and showers.
"My concern is that some pervert looking for the opportunity to dress up as a transgender and [prey on] innocent children and because of their perverted action scars [our] children for life."
-- Parent testimony to school board

"There is no legal mandate requiring the district to override the privacy rights of students and concerns of parents, by permitting gender-confused (or attention-seeking) students to inappropriately use restrooms and facilities reserved for the opposite sex.  No school district has ever lost federal funding for maintaining gender-appropriate facilities, despite the claims of activists."
-- Roger K. Gannam, Liberty Counsel (offered to represent school board)
For background, read Department of Education Demands Communal Nudity in Public Schools Using Full Force of Federal Government and now Hillary Clinton Promises Even MORE 'Transgender/Gay Rights'

Also read how enclosed restrooms will soon be eliminated to protect women and children from sexual predators.

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-- From "Marion school board blocks transgender kids from choosing restroom" by The Associated Press 4/26/16

A north Florida school board has approved a measure to limit restrooms to students based on their birth sex, not their gender identity.

Board member Carol Ely says transgender students shouldn't get to choose which restroom to use, adding it's "reverse discrimination."

The district started allowing transgender students to choose their restroom two months ago. But a parent claimed his son's privacy rights were being violated because he's not comfortable sharing a restroom with a student who was born female but now identifies as male.

Roger Gannam, an attorney for the conservative legal group Liberty Counsel, is representing the parent of the student who complained. He argued that there is no legal mandate requiring the district to permit transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Marion County School Board rules students must use restroom of biological gender" by Erik Sandoval and Troy Campbell, Reporters, WKMG-TV6 (Orlando, FL) 4/27/16

The new rule takes effect immediately, and the decision brought cheers from the hundreds who gathered at Tuesday night's school board meeting.

The school board resolution says transgender students are not protected by law and that students expect not to see people of the opposite sex in the bathroom.

School board vice chairwoman, Kelly King, said that the alternative [private/uni-sex] bathrooms are a safe place for transgender students. King also said she too expects lawsuits if the board approves the restriction.

"We know either way, we are probably going to have some lawsuits. You know, lawsuits regardless," King said.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "ACLU warns Marion County Schools of possible legal issues with bathroom policy" posted at WCJB-TV20 (Gainesville, FL) 4/26/16

In a work session last week, four of the five board members voted to restrict school bathrooms to students based on their birth sex, not based on their gender identity. School Board Chairman Bobby James was the only dissenter and said he wanted to continue to treat transgender issues on a case-by-case basis.

The letter, written by ACLU of Florida LGBT rights staff attorney Daniel Tilley, warns that the policy would not only be harmful to students but would also "violate Title IX sex discrimination requirements, violate the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution and jeopardize federal funding for the school district."

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Bathroom ban imposed: School Board blocks transgender kids from choosing restrooms" by Joe Callahan, Staff writer, Ocala StarBanner 4/26/16

. . . Superintendent George Tomyn said the board should wait if they wanted this to be a rule, or policy, and that they were not following proper protocol. [Board member Nancy] Stacy said this was not a rule, but a resolution as a statement to the community. Stacy called for the vote and it passed 4-1.

The local issue began two months ago after the district started allowing transgender students to choose their bathroom, stating that the Office for Civil Rights has made it clear that transgender students have that right.

Two weeks ago, local veterinarian Hal Phillips appeared at a board work session and said his son's Fourth Amendment rights had been violated. Phillips said his son – who attends Vanguard High -- was not comfortable sharing a bathroom with a transgender student, who was born female but now identifies as being male.

The Fourth Amendment protects the privacy of all students, “including bodily privacy in the context of restrooms and locker rooms,” according to board attorney Steven Lake, who shared a PowerPoint about prior court cases at a recent work session.

[Attorney Roger] Gannam, wrote that “students with gender confusion who truly believes he or she is the opposite sex should be treated with care, compassion, and kindness, but must not be officially affirmed in his or her confusion, no matter how sincerely-held.”

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "A Florida school board just blocked transgender kids from choosing bathrooms" by Elahe Izadi, Washington Post 4/27/16

Conservative legal group Liberty Counsel represented the parent, Harrell “Hal” Phillips and his son, who the organization described as “devout Christians who believe strongly in both biblical modesty and constitutional privacy.”

Phillips’s son was “extremely upset” that a transgender student was using the boys’ bathroom, the group wrote. “This was a place where he has a reasonable expectation that he will not encounter the opposite sex. This deeply violated his religious beliefs of personal modesty and his constitutional rights to privacy.”

According to the measure, single-sex bathrooms and locker rooms designated for girls are restricted to people “who are biological females.” The same goes for facilities designated for boys and people “who are biological males.”

Students who want to use alternative facilities “shall always be offered comparable facilities, as required by law,” the measure states.

The measure also states that transgender individuals are “not a protected class” under the school district’s policies.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Transgender Students Now Have To Follow A New Bathroom Policy In Marion County" by Isabella Alsina, WUFT-TV5/WJUF-FM89.1 (PBS/NPR Gainesville, FL) 4/27/16

After 46 public comments, the board passed the resolution with a 4-1 vote. About 250 people cheered, sang Christian songs and waved banners that read, “God Belongs In My City.”

“The safety issue is the biggest,” said Carol Ely, the school board member for district 2. “Although nothing has happened yet, we’re going to see some things happening.”

Transgender students, former Marion County teachers, pastors, and concerned parents filled the meeting room, office, and parking lot of the school board’s building. Some wore Equality Florida stickers while most wore red stickers reading, “We Stand With God.”

“We cannot help that the Department of Education… is now working under an illegal, unadvertised rule,” said Nancy Stacy, school board member for District 1. “The Federal Department of Education doesn’t even have a right to constitutionally exist. I believe this rule is completely illegal.”

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Gay Agenda Increases Suicides of Young Men: Study

Although suicide rates have always been higher among those who exhibit homosexual behavior, a new study shows that, contrary to PC propaganda, as social and public acceptance of every variant of sexually deviant behavior grows, so does the rate of suicide among young men, especially young black men.
"We know minority groups are at higher risk of poor mental health than the heterosexual majority . . ."
-- Ford Hickson, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
For background, read how Gay Agenda advocates used to say suicides would decrease if Christians could be silenced.

Also read Rates of Homosexuality Soar Among UK Youth

-- From "Young gay, bisexual men have higher risk for suicide" by HealthDay News 4/26/16

In the study, the researchers examined survey responses from nearly 5,800 gay and bisexual men from the United Kingdom 16 and older. The results: those younger than 26 were two times more likely to be depressed or anxious, and six times more likely to attempt suicide or harm themselves than those older than 45.

Blacks were two times more likely to be depressed and five times more likely to have attempted suicide than whites, according to the study published April 26 in the Journal of Public Health.

The researchers found that those with lower incomes were more likely to be depressed, anxious, and to attempt suicide or harm themselves than those with higher incomes. Those with lower levels of education were two times more likely to be depressed, anxious, and to attempt suicide or harm themselves than those with a university degree.

The study also found that gay and bisexual men living with a male partner were 50 percent less likely to have depression than those living alone.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Young gay and bisexual men 'six times more likely to attempt suicide than older men', research finds" by Siobhan Fenton, UK Independent 4/27/16

While it has long been established that LGBT communities suffer from considerably more mental health issues than other social groups, limited research has been conducted into how age affects their experiences. Indeed, it has previously been assumed that mental health issues may decrease among younger gay and bisexual men as they experience less stigma than older men due to changes in cultural attitudes and lesser discrimination.

Research has suggested that LGBT people are considerably more likely to have a mental health problem than cisgender or heterosexual people. Among the general population varying figures suggest that suicide attempt rates are around 4 per cent, increasing to 20 per cent for LGB people and over 40 per cent for transgender people. . . .

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Young gay and bisexual men six times more likely to attempt suicide than older counterparts" posted at Medical Xpress 4/27/16

Conducted by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and funded by Stonewall [an LGBT advocacy organization] . . . The study is the first to examine the mental health differences within gay and bisexual men in the UK.

April Guasp, Head of Research at Stonewall, said: "We're really pleased to see this further in-depth analysis of mental health issues faced by gay and bisexual men. It's known that a range of factors can increase risk of poor mental health among the population in general and the same holds true for gay and bisexual men. This study contributes to better understanding of the specific risks within LGBT communities and will hopefully lead to more targeted health interventions."

The authors note that their findings may be limited because survey participants were not a random sample of the population and were therefore unlikely to be representative of all UK gay and bisexual men.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

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