Thursday, May 21, 2015

Father & Son 'Marry' Legally in Pennsylvania

Homosexuals Norman MacArthur and Bill Novak, both in their 70s, became father and son in 2000 when Novak adopted MacArthur for estate planning purposes, but now that "gay marriage" is legal in their state of residence, they will now become "husband and husband."
“Not only does it pave the way for this couple to obtain a marriage license, it is an important precedent for others who may be in the same position.”
-- Attorney Clemons, Richter & Reiss
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-- From "'Father' To Marry 'Son' In Bucks County -- With Court's Blessing" by Kara Seymour, Patch Staff 5/20/15

The same-sex couple, who have been together for more than 50 years, registered as domestic partners in New York City in 1994. After moving to Bucks County, they learned that Pennsylvania law does not recognize domestic partners and prohibits same sex marriages.

They were advised by a lawyer that the only avenue to becoming legally related was through adoption. “It was the only legal method we could use in Pennsylvania to give underpinning to our relationship,” MacArthur said.

The pair’s Petition to Vacate Adoption Decree was granted on May 14, allowing them to marry. This is the first case in Pennsylvania history seeking to vacate an adoption to allow a same sex couple to marry, their lawyer Terry Clemons said.

Clemons said the approach of using adoption to gain rights was not uncommon around the turn of the century as same-sex couples were navigating estate planning and access to medical care.

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From "'Father' to marry 'son,' with court's blessing!" posted at World Net Daily 5/20/15

When the United States District Court declared unconstitutional Pennsylvania’s marriage laws prohibiting same-sex marriage unconstitutional in 2014, Novak and MacArthur wanted to tie the knot in marriage, but their earlier legal gambit now became an obstacle. Pennsylvania law doesn’t permit marriage between parents and children.

So, a week ago, the father and son’s Petition to Vacate Adoption Decree was approved, and the pair simply became two single men now allowed to marry.

“We are ecstatic beyond belief,” MacArthur said. “I feel an enormous sense of not only relief but freedom that we can finally do something in Pennsylvania that I’ve been dreaming of for years.”

The pair has been given a marriage license and is planning a summer wedding.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Gay Teachers Indoctrinate 8-year-olds: N. Carolina

Irate parents in Orange County, North Carolina stormed a school district meeting to protest actions of third grade teacher Omar Currie, 25, who conspired with Meg Goodhand, assistant principal at Efland-Cheeks Elementary School — both of whom are openly homosexual Gay Agenda activists — to teach deviant sexuality to students, having contrived a bogus bullying incident as an excuse for the indoctrination session.
"These are my children. Who gives you the right to tell me what they can listen to and what they can hear in their school?  As a matter of fact, that is bullying me."
-- Rodney Davis, parent

"[You're] infiltrating young minds, indoctrinating children into a gay agenda and actively promoting homosexuality to steer our children in that direction."
-- Lisa Baptist, parent
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(WTVD-TV11 News video:)

(WTVD-TV11 News video:)

-- From "Controversy over gay themed book read in Efland classroom sparks fiery meeting" by Elaina Athans, WTVD-TV11 (Raleigh-Durham, NC) 5/16/15

Dozens of community members converged on Efland-Cheeks Elementary School Friday evening to sound off on a controversial children's book read in the classroom. Third graders were read a book that addresses homosexuality.

The public forum lasted almost two hours, and it was very explosive. One parent was kicked out for being disruptive.

A few weeks ago, third grade teacher Omar Currie brought the book in to school. The book "King and King" is about a prince who goes against his mother's wishes and marries a man.

Currie is considering resigning from the school following the book backlash. He told ABC11 he will make a decision at the end of the school year.

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From "Gay fairy tale draws complaints at Efland elementary school" by Mark Schultz, The Chapel Hill (NC) News 5/14/15

. . . after parents complained, Currie said he was told he should have followed a controversial topics policy that required him to notify parents he planned to read the book, tell them what it was about and allow them to remove their children from the reading.

[That day, Currie had] called the media center about 10:30 a.m. [requesting the homosexual indoctrination book]. The center did not have the book but referred him to Assistant Principal Meg Goodhand, who gave him the book, Currie said. He read it during a read-aloud period from 11:40 a.m. to noon.

At 7:15 a.m. the next day, Currie said, Principal Kiley Brown said he should have notified parents.

Currie, who is gay, said a man holding a sign picketed on the road outside the school and a petition has been circulated in the small, rural community in western Orange County.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Parents protest gay fairy tale read to Efland third-graders" by Mikaya Thurmond and Adam Owens, WRAL-TV5 (Raleigh-Durham, NC) 5/16/15

Orange County Schools administrators upheld the use of the children's book in class after the first complaint, but they decided to hold a public meeting to address the subsequent complaints.

"The policy manual for the district stipulates that a meeting like this will occur. Also, it's important that stakeholders have an opportunity to have their voices heard in the educational program," school district spokesman Seth Stephens said.

The school district brought in extra Orange County deputies to keep a lid on tensions at the meeting.

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From "About Teacher Omar Currie’s Claim About Bullying…" by A. P. Dillon,, linked by Beaufort Observer 5/19/15

The book was given to [Currie] by Goodhand. Goodhand, like Currie, is apparently also gay.

From [Assistant Principal, Meg] Goodhand’s bio at ‘’ with emphasis added:
Meg Goodhand is currently an assistant principal at Efland-Cheeks Elementary in Orange County. Meg’s recent studies focused on the barriers presented by the heteronormative culture of schools for children that are gender diverse and/or LGBTQ. She asserts social activists must focus on the elementary school culture to begin to confront heterosexism and homophobia at this early and crucial period of development. Meg ‘s research shares a perspective that through transformative learning opportunities, educators can reframe their attitudes, beliefs and knowledge about gender nonconformity, the LGBTQ community and the heteronormative culture within schools and society. Ideally, with this new understanding, educators as social justice leaders will be willing to disrupt the heteronormative culture of a classroom and their schools.

Currently Meg serves on the board of Safe Schools NC.  Safe Schools NC is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to creating a safe and positive environment for all students and educators in North Carolina, with an emphasis on actual or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity.
As the LGBT in The South bio notes, Goodhand serves on the board of ‘Safe Schools NC‘ as a Board member at Large.  So does Omar Currie.

. . . On April 17th and 18th, LGBT in The South held a conference in Asheville, NC.

Scrolling down the list of events and presentations, we find Ms. Goodhand and Mr. Currie representing Safe Schools NC in a presentation titled, The Past, Present, and Future of LGBTQ Safe Spaces In Southern Schools.

. . . This conference and presentation took place immediately preceding the so far unsubstantiated claim of ‘bullying’ and subsequent reading of King and King.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Muslim, Atheist Prayers OKd in N. Carolina County

Media reporting forced the Lincoln County (North Carolina) Board of Commissioners to pass a policy allowing non-Christian invocations after the commission chairman publicly stated that he would not allow "minority religion" prayers.
"I don't believe we need to be bowing to the minorities. The U.S. and the Constitution were founded on Christianity. This is what the majority of people believe in and it's what I'm standing up for. I ain't gonna have no new religion or pray to Allah or nothing like that. . . . We're fighting Muslims every day. I'm not saying they're all bad. They believe in a different god than I do. If that's what they want to do, that's fine. But, they don't need to be telling us, as Christians, what we need to be doing. They don't need to be rubbing our faces in it."
-- Carrol Mitchem, Chairman, Lincoln County Board of Commissioners
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-- From "Commissioners to allow invocation of non-Christian prayer at Lincoln County meetings" by Sarah-Blake Morgan & John Cominsky, WBTV-TV3 (Charlotte, NC) 5/18/15

"The religious leaders or chosen leaders of any assembly that periodically and regularly meets in Lincoln County for the purpose of worshiping or discussing their religious perspectives are invited to offer an invocation before a meeting of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners," a note from the board stated.

"This opportunity is voluntary, and invocation speakers are free to offer the invocation according to the dictates of their own conscience," the note continues. "The Board requests only that the prayer opportunity not be exploited as an effort to convert others to the particular faith of the invocational speaker, threaten damnation, nor to disparage any faith or belief different than that of the invocational speaker."

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Board of Commissioners approves prayer policy, Mitchem backtracks" by Adam Lawson, Staff Writer, Lincoln Times-News 5/18/15

Every seat in the chamber was filled and several dozen watched on a video screen in the lobby of the third floor of the James W. Warren Citizens Center as Lincoln County commissioners formally adopted a new prayer policy during their meeting on Monday night.

The policy’s adoption followed a lengthy public comments portion that saw 10 of 14 people who discussed the issue disagree with Mitchem’s statements in some form. Some said they didn’t agree with his viewpoint but approved of his right to make his comments. Others discussed their complete dissatisfaction with his remarks.

“I think it’s the right thing to do,” Commissioner Alex Patton said. “I’m glad that we actually did that and got it behind us. Hopefully that will make Lincoln County stop looking like a national embarrassment. We have never discriminated against anybody. I was the chair for six years and we never denied anybody that came and wanted to give the invocation.”

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From "Washington religious freedom group threatens lawsuit" by Adam Lawson, Staff Writer, Lincoln Times-News 5/11/15

The [threatening] letter, sent from Americans United for Separation of Church and State, comes in response to Board of Commissioners chairman Carrol Mitchem’s comments in Friday’s Times-News. . . .

In a press release, Americans United executive director Rev. Barry W. Lynn criticized Mitchem’s understanding of the Constitution. . . .

The letter enclosed a model policy that would, according to Americans United, ensure that such discrimination would not occur. The policy asks Lincoln County to open invocations up to all faiths and to any citizen of the county. That citizen “need not be a member of the clergy in order to deliver a solemnizing message.”

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Abortion Backtrack by N. Dakota Schools: Lawyer

For months, the Fargo (North Dakota) School District No. 1 had denied allowing pro-life students Brigid O’Keefe and Katie McPherson to form local clubs associated with Students for Life of America, but after the Thomas More Society informed school administrators of their unconstitutional denials, they quietly, and without comment, approved the new clubs at Fargo North and Davies High Schools.
“High-schoolers do not lose their right to form clubs and speak their message just because they are pro-life.”
-- Jocelyn Floyd, Thomas More Society Associate Counsel
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-- From "Fargo school district allows anti-abortion clubs to meet" by The Associated Press 5/13/15

[The Chicago-based Thomas More Society] sent a letter to the district in early April arguing that the refusal of school officials to recognize the groups was a violation of the students' First Amendment rights.

The school district has confirmed to KFGO-AM that it is letting the clubs gather but would not comment further.

The club at Davies High school already hosted its first meeting.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Pro-Life clubs officially recognized at two Fargo high schools" posted at Valley News KVLY-TV11 & KXJB (Fargo, ND) 5/13/15

A spokesperson for the Fargo Public School district told Valley News Live they had nothing to say to the public about the decision.

At Fargo North, sophomore Brigid O’Keefe had submitted her application to start a Students for Life in February 2015. School administrators put Brigid and other prospective club members through extensive questioning, including questions about their religious affiliations, before denying the club.

At Davies High School, sophomore Katie McPherson had been trying to start a Students for Life club since September 2014. For months, the school administration would not even let her apply for her club to receive official status or assign a promised room for “unofficial” club meetings.

Both schools have now approved the pro-life clubs. Davies Teens for Life members already held their first meeting, and Brigid is planning the first Spartans for Life meeting for next week.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Students for Life America responds to school district over pro-life clubs" posted at Valley News KVLY-TV11 & KXJB (Fargo, ND) 4/17/15

On Thursday Fargo Public schools issued a statement to the original demand letter claiming the students never filed the appropriate paperwork, at least at Davies High, but indicated the district would consider the application if one was handed in. However in emails obtained by Valley News Live, Assistant Principal Lenny Ohlhauser never mentions an application process while writing to other district officials and instead indicates that approval might not be possible because of ties to a church. From the email "Do either of you have students involved with pro-life. I have some students asking about being able to provide a space for meeting. I told them club status will not probably be an option due to the ties of a church, but giving a space to meet is an option."

[Statement from] Kristan Hawkins, president, Students for Life of America
"The school district’s response is amateurish and inaccurate. They are purposely trying to make two high school sophomores look inept when in reality, it is the school district that is fumbling around for any excuse to continue to delay or outright deny the Students for Life clubs that Brigid O’Keefe and Katie McPherson have been trying to start, in one case for eight months now. In all the administration's emails that a Fargo news station released, as well as the verbal communications from the schools to the students, there is no mention of a lack of paperwork as the reason that the Students for Life clubs were being denied. As we approach the end of the school year, we suspect the school district is trying to push this 'issue' under the rug for a few more months in the hopes that Brigid and Katie will forget about wanting to educate their peers and serve women in need. Asking Brigid and Katie to start the entire process over again is a ridiculous response, especially when the clubs should have been approved immediately."
[Statement from] Jocelyn Floyd, Associate Counsel, Thomas More Society
"We're encouraged by the District's acknowledgment that it will abide by the requirements of the law going forward, but we're greatly disappointed by the way it's now chosen to misrepresent the history here in order to place the blame on the students. Never were they denied for paperwork reasons. Throughout the process, the schools and the district had consistently made their position clear—one of illegal censorship based on the message of the club."
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Saturday, May 16, 2015

24/7 Public Schools Proposed by Obama Admin.

President Obama's education secretary, Arne Duncan, believes not only that public schools should feed children 3 meals a day, but proposes that public boarding schools be the guardians of America's future generation.
“I think all of our schools should be community centers. Our schools should be open 12, 13, 14 hours a day with a wide variety of after-school programming. . . . If we could keep our kids there longer, we think that makes a lot of sense. . . . One idea that I threw out that I wanted to sort of road test with the kids today is the idea of public boarding schools. . . . There’s just certain kids we should have 24/7 to really create a safe environment and give them a chance to be successful.”
-- Arne Duncan, U.S. Education Secretary
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-- From "Education Secretary Sets The Stage For ‘Public Boarding Schools’" by B. Christopher Agee, Western Journalism 5/14/15

In a recent speech at the National Summit on Youth Violence Prevention [in Crystal City, VA], U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan doubled down on such rhetoric by publicly advocating what he called “public boarding schools.”

He insisted that public schools are simply not open long enough to provide all of the resources he contends they should.

Noting that street violence is an issue in many communities, Duncan went on to assert that the more time students spend within the confines of government schools, the better.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Education Secretary Backs Public Boarding Schools: 'Certain Kids We Should Have 24/7'" by Penny Starr, 5/12/15

The event, organized by the Education Department, the Justice Department, and other federal programs and agencies, featured speakers and panels on preventing youth violence.

Duncan said that schools should be more than a place for learning at the event.

However, according to a “fact sheet” from the federal National Center for Education Statistics, some 1.3 million students ages 12 to 18 faced “victimization” at school in 2012, including 89,000 “serious violent victimizations.” The fact sheet also states that students faced more violence at school than away from school.

“In 2012, a greater number of students ages 12–18 experienced victimizations (theft and violent crime) at school than away from school. That year, 52 victimizations per 1,000 students occurred at school, and 38 victimizations per 1,000 students occurred away from school,” it stated.

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Abstinence Education Illegal in Calif, Judge Rules

Fresno County (California) Superior Court Judge Donald Black struck down the Clovis Unified School District sex education program ruling that the curriculum denied students' public right to sexualization and Gay Agenda indoctrination, and did not completely train the children in "safe sex" performance, but rather encouraged abstinence as the most healthy and effective means to prevent pregnancy and disease.

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-- From "Judge Rules Clovis Unified's Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Violated State Law" by Diana Aguilera, Valley Public Radio KVPR-FM89.3 (Fresno, CA) 5/13/15

The ruling stems from a lawsuit filed by a group of parents back in 2012. They claimed the district’s high school sex education classes taught abstinence as the only way to prevent pregnancy and ignored the topic of contraception.

Phyllida Burlingame with the ACLU [American Civil Liberties Union] says the ruling is a huge victory, and not just for students in Clovis.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Abstinence-only curriculum is not sex education, judge rules" by Bob Egelko, staff writer, San Francisco Chronicle 5/14/15

The state law requires school districts to make their sex-education programs “age-appropriate” and directs them to teach students, starting in the seventh grade, that abstinence from sex is the only sure way to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. But it also requires districts to provide “medically accurate information” on other methods, including all contraceptives approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

The law also requires public schools to teach students, in middle school and again in high school, about the dangers of HIV and AIDS and how they can be prevented.

A group of parents in Clovis filed suit in November 2012, saying the school district was using texts and videos that focused on abstinence and made little or no mention of contraceptives or claimed they were ineffective. One video, described in Black’s ruling, compared a woman who was not a virgin to a dirty shoe. Other videos “perpetuated sexual orientation bias,” the judge said, including one that encouraged students to adopt the mantra, “One man, one woman, one life.”

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From "Judge Rules Against Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Program" by Mollie Reilly, The Huffington Post 5/13/15

"Given the high social cost of teen pregnancy and similar toll on society of HIV/ADIS [sic] and other sexually transmitted diseases, the rights vindicated by this suit, access to medically, and socially appropriate sexual education, is an important public right," [Judge] Black wrote.

"We continue to be confident that the District acted appropriately and that our former 9th grade curriculum was unbiased, more than 'abstinence only,' and legally compliant; and that the issues raised in plaintiffs’ litigation were not accurate," Kelly Avants, Clovis Unified's chief communication officer, wrote in an email to The Huffington Post. "We are currently considering whether to pursue an appeal of Judge Black’s ruling."

The parents filed suit in 2012, but dropped the case in 2014 after the school changed its policies. Black, however, ordered the school district to pay for the parents' legal fees, citing the legal action as the catalyst for change in the district.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Sex education for students is a public right, judge in California rules" by Hannah Furfaro, The Fresno Bee 5/14/15

Access to medically accurate and age-appropriate sex education is an important public right, Judge Donald Black has ruled, casting questions on the state’s current law, which does not require schools to teach comprehensive sex education in school.

The ruling, which hands a victory to two Clovis Unified parents, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Gay-Straight Alliance Network, also makes it crystal clear that abstinence-only education violates California law.

Black’s decision closes the book on a three-year fight over whether Clovis Unified’s sex education curriculum met the letter of the 2004 Comprehensive Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention Education law. The ruling answers with a resounding “no” and concludes the district “violated California law for many years before the plaintiff parents began to complain, and that even years after the complaints began the district still had not changed its sex ed curriculum.”

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Homosexual Kills, Injures Hundreds on Amtrak Train

The mainstream media always give top billing to the sexual orientation of news makers, except when the news reflects poorly on sexually deviant minorities.  A case in point is the fact that Amtrak's homosexual engineer Brandon Bostian, responsible for this week's train derailment in Philadelphia, is documented as a Gay Agenda activist.

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Obama Top Homosexual Arrested for Anal Sex with Boy

-- From "Amtrak engineer had Bay Area ties" by Annie Andersen, KRON-TV4 (San Francisco, CA) 5/13/15

The Midtown Gazette in Manhattan interviewed Bostonian in 2012 at a rally for equal rights in New York.

That article said,
Brandon Bostian, a recent transplant to New York, attended the event. Bostian was active in the [California] Proposition 8 fight, which defined marriage as the union of one man and one woman, in San Francisco. While he is still interested in working for marriage equality, Bostian admitted that he is less enthusiastic this time around. “It’s kind of insulting to have to beg people for my right to marry,” he said. “I feel like we shouldn’t even have to have this fight.”
Tasha Bartholomew, the spokesperson for Caltrain and Sam Trans confirmed that 32-year-old Brandon Bostian did operate Caltrain trains several years ago, as an Amtrak employee.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "'Reckless' Amtrak engineer, 32, who was driving doomed train at 106mph claims he has no memory of crash that killed seven - as it's revealed a DOZEN are still missing" by Wills Robinson and Lydia Warren, UK Daily Mail 5/14/15

The Tennessee native used to live in Memphis, and graduated from University of Missouri-Columbia in 2006 with a degree in business management and administration.

During his studies he was a member of the Acacia fraternity, according to his Linkedin page, which allegedly has ties to Freemasonry.

He also worked as a cashier at Target between 2005 and 2006.

Bostian is a gay-rights activist who previously lived in San Francisco before moving to New York. In 2012, he was interviewed by the Midtown Gazette, which covers parts of Manhattan, during the campaign for marriage equality.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Mutter responded to the National Transportation Safety Board briefing on Wednesday evening by saying that it proved 'reckless driving by the engineer' in an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN.

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