Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Satanic Book Distribution in Florida Schools

Literature from The Satanic Temple of New York will be given to students in Orange County, Florida schools in order to avoid lawsuits against the public schools from anti-Christian organizations who are opposed to Bible distributions at schools.

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-- From "Satanists want to distribute pamphlets at Orange County schools" posted at WESH-TV2 (Orlando, FL) 9/16/14

The relatively new Satanic Temple believes Satan is "the eternal rebel against the ultimate tyrant" and claims to support social justice causes.

The Satan worshipers said they don't want to establish a precedent of providing religious pamphlets in public schools and prefer a strict separation of church and state.

But the group said if the Orange County Public Schools system is going to allow both bibles and atheist materials to get distributed to students, like they did last year, they want information from the Satanic Temple handed out as well.

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From "Satanists want to give out materials in Orange schools" by Lauren Roth, Orlando Sentinel 9/16/14

. . . Orange [County] has twice allowed a group called World Changers of Florida to distribute Bibles, and an atheist group gave out materials last year. In both cases, district counsel Woody Rodriguez said the pamphlets and books were being allowed to avoid a lawsuit.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation and its local affiliate, the Central Florida Freethought Community, sued Orange schools last year after some of their materials were censored. The case was dismissed earlier this year when the school district agreed to allow all of the materials to be given out.

"They have no ability to keep out the Satanists and the literature they want to distribute unless they close the forum altogether," said FFRF attorney Andrew Seidel.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

ObamaCare Abortion Lies: Taxpayer Study Findings

In a report just released, the nonpartisan congressional watchdog Government Accountability Office has confirmed the all-too-familiar story:  ObamaCare is forcing every American to pay for someone's abortion through government-mandated health insurance subsidies, all in direct conflict with President Obama's personal guarantee at the signing of his Affordable Car Act in 2010 when he said that no federal tax dollars would fund abortion.
In response to the government report, the Obama Administration said it "acknowledges that additional clarification may be needed."
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-- From "Concerns Raised Over 'Obamacare' Abortion Coverage" by Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, Associated Press 9/16/14

The Government Accountability Office said in a report released late Monday that only 1 of 18 insurers it reviewed was separately itemizing a charge for coverage of elective abortions on enrollees' bills.

That detail is important because the original compromise that President Barack Obama sealed with anti-abortion Democrats stipulated that no federal funds would be used to pay for elective abortions. Instead, private health plans covering the procedure would collect a separate premium, which would be segregated from federal subsidies for other medical services.

Although abortion is a legal medical procedure, longstanding federal laws prohibit taxpayer funds from being used to pay for it, except in cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother.

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From "Government Watchdog Finds ObamaCare Massively Funds Abortion-on-Demand" by Targeted News Service posted at

GAO has found that in 2014, taxpayers are funding over a thousand Obamacare health plans that subsidize abortion on demand--even late-term abortion--in defiance of the Hyde Amendment the President publicly said he would honor.

According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) April 2014 estimate, between 2014 and 2024, taxpayer subsidies to buy ObamaCare health plans will total $855 billion, making taxpayers unwittingly complicit in abortion.

GAO found that even an accounting trick embedded in ObamaCare requiring premium payers to be accessed a separate monthly abortion surcharge is being completely ignored. The surcharge would have added some modicum of transparency so individuals would know whether they are purchasing a pro-life or pro-abortion health insurance plan if faithfully implemented. Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska summed up the plain meaning of the law: "you have to write two checks." According to GAO, none of the 18 insurance companies they interviewed are collecting the abortion surcharge separately.

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From "ObamaCare subsidies paying for abortions, GAO investigation finds" by Sarah Ferris, The Hill 9/16/14

“Today’s GAO report confirms that under the president’s health care law, abortions are being paid for with taxpayer funds by more than 1,000 exchange plans across the country,” Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said in a statement. “This information has been hidden from the American public for years by the Obama Administration, which repeatedly denied congressional requests for its public release."

Diane Black (R-Tenn.) called the report “disturbing” and said she has been repeatedly ignored by the administration when asking about the issue of abortion subsidies.

“Now the GAO has proven that the government has failed to ensure that the insurance issuers are not billing the abortion surcharge separately as required by the law. So the question remains, what will the Administration now do to ensure compliance? This must be fixed,” Black said.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Abortion Study: Teens Want Parents' Help to Decide

A new study by the University of Chicago shows that the majority of teenage girls want to consult with parents who are involved in their lives when making decisions about having an abortion.  The minority of teens who hid an abortion from their parents did so assuming the parents would discourage the abortion.
"There's a commonly accepted idea that teens will try to hide their pregnancy or abortion decision. However, pregnant young women actually do turn to parents in the majority of cases."
-- Lee Hasselbacher, Researcher, University of Chicago, Section of Family Planning and Contraceptive Research
For background, read how it took over a decade for the Illinois parental notification law to go into effect.

-- From "Study finds young women involve parent in abortion when anticipating support" posted at MedicalXpress 9/15/14

The study, published online ahead of print in the American Journal of Public Health, explored the factors young women under age 18 consider when deciding to involve a parent. Researchers conducted interviews with 30 minors seeking abortion in Illinois, prior to implementation of the 2013 parental notification law. Currently, there are 38 states with laws requiring a parent to provide consent or receive notification before a minor can access abortion services.

While each young woman's family circumstance was different, there were several common motivations for involving a parent. Factors favoring telling included close and supportive relationships, need for help with logistics like travel or payment, or experiences that made discovery of the pregnancy seem inevitable.

Minors expressed a range of motivations for not telling a parent about their abortion. Some teens worried that if their parent learned of their decision, it would dramatically change their relationship or feared it would even lead to anger or harm. Young women also discussed the lack of a relationship or presence as a reason they did not want to involve a parent.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Calif. School Rejects 'Anti-Gay' Food Donation

One of the largest restaurant chains in America offered to raise money for the Ventura (California) High School football booster club, but the principal forbid involvement by the "anti-gay" Chick-fil-A because the company CEO is a Christian man who believes natural marriage is Biblical.
“With their political stance on gay rights and because the students of Ventura High School and their parents would be at the event, I didn’t want them on campus.”
-- Val Wyatt, Ventura High School Principal
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-- From "Chick-fil-A Banned From Ventura High School Campus Over Stand On Gay Marriage" posted at CBS News Los Angeles 9/11/14

“We value inclusivity and diversity on our campus and all of our events and activities are going to adhere to our mission,” Ventura Unified School District Superintendent Trudy Tuttle Arriaga said.

The booster club expected to raise about $1,600 for the football team as the Ventura Chick-fil-A restaurant volunteered to donate the 200 meals. The Ventura location has already donated $21,000 to Ventura schools.

The club helps pay for everything from food to uniforms for the players and does not charge students to play football. Michelle Cisneros and her daughter say they were so outraged by the principal’s decision, they complained to the school officials.

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From "California's Ventura High School Scraps Chick-Fil-A From Fundraiser, Citing Chain's Gay Marriage Stance" by Curtis M. Wong, The Huffington Post 9/12/14

A California high school has nixed a student-run booster club's plans to sell Chick-fil-A sandwiches during a back-to-school night because of the restaurant chain's controversial stance on same-sex marriage.

It isn't the first that Chick-fil-A has prompted outcry in an educational setting. In 2012, the student government at North Carolina's Elon University voted 35-11 to ask the school's food vendor, Aramark, to find another restaurant to take the fast food chicken chain's place, the Times-News reports.

Similarly, St. Mary's College in Maryland and North Carolina's Davidson College have both opted against serving Chick-fil-A products at school events.

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From "School bans 'offensive' Chick-fil-A sandwiches" by Todd Starnes, 9/12/14

This is a classic example of those preaching inclusivity and diversity being the least inclusive and diverse of all.

A few days before the back-to-school event, the principal broke the news to the booster club. She said her “main reason” for banning Chick-fil-A was because she did not want an outside organization to sell or advertise during the event.

“I work really hard to keep Ventura High School from being a marketplace for all kinds of vendors to come to the campus and reap profit,” she told the newspaper.

Well, dear. That’s a bit disingenuous. Chick-fil-A was not making a single penny. They were giving all the proceeds to the booster club. Period.

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Atheists Strip Memorial Crosses From Ark. Football

The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) is cheering the work of a local attorney who prompted the Arkansas State University to review the legality of Christian cross decals on the football team's helmets in honor of two recently deceased students.  In response, the University immediately invoked a ban of anything appearing to be Christian from the helmets.
". . . we have received a complaint that use of the cross violates the Constitutional prohibition against separation of church and state."
-- Athletic Director Terry Mohajir

"Persons viewing the helmets will, and have, seen the symbol as a cross and interpreted that symbol as an endorsement of the Christian religion. This violates the legal prohibition of endorsing religion."
-- Lucinda McDaniel, Arkansas State University Counsel

“It’s time that we as Christians stand up and say we’re tired of being pushed around. We’re tired of having to bow down to everyone else’s rights. What happened to our rights? The last time I checked it said freedom of religion – not freedom from religion.”
-- Barry Weyer, Sr. (father of the deceased)
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Battles against the Christian cross are frequent, and it often backfires: Atheists Inundated by Jesus' Cross Symbols in California

-- From "College football team removes cross from helmets after complaint" by CNN Wire 9/12/14

. . . Mohajir said the decision to place the cross with the letters M.O. and B.W. came from the players and coaches. Player Markel Owens was murdered and equipment manager Barry Weyer, Jr. died in a car accident after last season.

The group Freedom From Religion led the fight to remove the crosses, saying it was an inappropriate way to honor Weyer and Owens.

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From "Arkansas State removes Christian symbol from football helmets" by Dan Wolken, USA TODAY Sports 9/10/14

According to documents provided to USA TODAY Sports by Arkansas State, the inquiry did not initiate with FFRF but rather Jonesboro, Ark., attorney Louis Nisenbaum. He sent an e-mail to University Counsel Lucinda McDaniel on the afternoon Saturday, Sept. 6, pointing out that he noticed the crosses while watching Arkansas State's game at Tennessee earlier that day.

"That is a clear violation of the Establishment Clause as a state endorsement of the Christian religion," Nisenbaum wrote. "Please advise whether you agree and whether ASU will continue this practice."

On Monday, McDaniel wrote an e-mail to Mohajir saying she found no specific legal cases that addressed crosses on football helmets but recommended that the bottom of the cross could be cut off so that the symbol was a plus sign.

Athletics director Terry Mohajir said he wanted to fight the decision . . . [but] he had little choice but to follow advice from the university's legal counsel to remove or modify the symbol.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Football team forced to remove Christian crosses from helmets" By Todd Starnes, 9/11/14

Liberty Institute attorney Hiram Sasser told me he would be more than honored to represent the football team in a lawsuit against the university.

Sasser said the students are well within their rights to wear a cross decal on their helmets and accused the university of breaking the law.

“It is unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination to force the players to remove or alter the cross on their helmets that they chose themselves simply because the cross is religious,” Sasser said.

“The university and others want football players to be positive role models in the community, but as soon as the players promote a positive message honoring their former teammates – the university discriminates against them in a blatant violation of the Constitution.”

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From "Football players targeted for 'memorial crosses' on helmets" by Bob Unruh, World Net Daily 9/11/14

“If the university remains recalcitrant in its violation of the players rights, Liberty Counsel stands ready to advocate in federal court on behalf of individual team members … to vindicate their constitutional rights,” a letter from Richard L. Mast of Liberty Counsel told the school Thursday.

“Instead of informing Mr. Nisenbaum that it was inappropriate for the university to take a position on private student expression, and that it was likewise inappropriate for the university to order private student expression to be suppressed, administration . . . [harassed] these young people as they mourn the deaths of their teammates.”

“I am saddened that the university did not stand up for their rights. These young people have done nothing wrong! They have as much right to communicate their ideas–or in this case, their grief–as the attorney who somehow feels offended by the small vinyl crosses they are wearing on their helmets.”

The letter to the school notes that the U.S. Supreme Court has affirmed the rights of students to express themselves.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Dem. Gov. Abortion Veto Nixed by Missouri Lawmakers

This week, the Missouri legislature voted to override a veto by Democrat Governor Jay Nixon of a bill requiring a 72-hour waiting period to obtain an abortion, thus extending the current 24-hour "reflection period" for the family.
“We’re talking about the life and death of the unborn child. I’m sure the unborn child probably would like to see an extra 48 hours for the mother to decide on whether or not to have the abortion done.”
-- Senator David Sater (R-Cassville)
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-- From "Missouri Enacts 72-Hour Abortion Waiting Period" by David A. Lieb, Associated Press 9/11/14

About half the states, including Missouri, already have abortion waiting periods of 24 hours. Missouri's current one also lacks an exception for cases of rape or incest [as does this new law].

The new law will be the second most-stringent behind South Dakota, where its 72-hour wait can sometimes extend even longer because weekends and holidays are not counted. Utah is the only other state with a 72-hour delay, but it grants exceptions for rape, incest and other circumstances.

Missouri lawmakers specifically rejected an amendment earlier this year that would have granted exceptions for rape and incest. Abortion opponents argued that it would have diminished the value of some lives depending on how they were conceived.

Three Missouri clinics have stopped offering abortions in the past decade, and the number performed in the state has declined by one-third to a little over 5,400 last year.

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From "72-hour wait for Missouri abortions takes effect next month" by Alana Semuels, Los Angeles Times 9/11/14

. . .  during an all-day session focused on legislation vetoed by Nixon, lawmakers in the House on Wednesday easily overrode his veto of the abortion bill. And, although Sen. Jolie Justus (D-Kansas City) tried to filibuster in the Senate late in the evening, the vote to override also succeeded there, although more narrowly.

“In Missouri, we believe life is worth protecting and today’s vote sends a clear message that Missouri intends to defend those who cannot defend themselves,” said Sen. David Sater (R-Cassville), who was a sponsor of the bill. “Another 48 hours could very well be the difference between a life saved and a life ended,” he said.

The Archdiocese of St. Louis also released a statement supporting the waiting period, saying that women are often pressured into having an abortion by family and friends.

Missouri has only one abortion clinic [located in St. Louis], and abortion rights advocates fear that requiring women to travel to the clinic twice to get an abortion could be stressful and cost prohibitive.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

ObamaNation = 'Fake Church' Says Catholic Cardinal

Writing for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago, Cardinal Francis George describes an America recreated in the image of President Obama where Catholics are ostracized by the establishment self-righteous enlightened liberals who wield their own version of Sharia Law that punishes the nonconformists and even threatens their citizenship.

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From "Cardinal: U.S. ‘Creed’ on Gay Marriage Like Sharia Law" by Michael W. Chapman, 9/10/14

Cardinal Francis George, head of the Catholic archdiocese of Chicago, said the levers of power in government, education, entertainment, and media are enforcing a “public creed,” a “fake church” that requires all citizens to approve of gay marriage and related sexual anomalies or be punished by the State, just “as Christians and Jews are fined for their religion in countries governed by Sharia law.”

Cardinal George, who was president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) in 2007-10, made his remarks in his Sept. 7 column for the archdiocesean newspaper. In his commentary, the cardinal explains that America, despite social frictions at certain times, had always strived to ensure religious freedom and respect for different religions.

But that has now changed, he said. “In recent years, society has brought social and legislative approval to all types of sexual relationships that used to be considered ‘sinful,’” he continued. “Since the biblical vision of what it means to be human tells us that not every friendship or love can be expressed in sexual relations, the church’s teaching on these issues is now evidence of intolerance for what the civil law upholds and even imposes.”

“What was once a request to live and let live has now become a demand for approval,” said Cardinal George . . .

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "A tale of two churches" by Cardinal Francis George, Catholic New World (Archdiocese of Chicago) 9/7/14

[The United States of America] had never explicitly taken upon itself the mantle of a religion and officially told its citizens what they must personally think or what “values” they must personalize in order to deserve to be part of the country. Until recent years.

. . . [but now, the] “ruling class,” those who shape public opinion in politics, in education, in communications, in entertainment, is using the civil law to impose its own form of morality on everyone. . . . those who do not conform to the official religion, we are warned, place their citizenship in danger.

When the recent case about religious objection to one provision of the Health Care Act was decided against the State religion, the Huffington Post (June 30, 2014) raised “concerns about the compatibility between being a Catholic and being a good citizen.” This is not the voice of the nativists who first fought against Catholic immigration in the 1830s. Nor is it the voice of those who burned convents and churches in Boston and Philadelphia a decade later. Neither is it the voice of the Know-Nothing Party of the 1840s and 1850s, nor of the Ku Klux Klan, which burned crosses before Catholic churches in the Midwest after the civil war. It is a voice more sophisticated than that of the American Protective Association, whose members promised never to vote for a Catholic for public office. This is, rather, the selfrighteous voice of some members of the American establishment today who regard themselves as “progressive” and “enlightened.”

. . . those who choose to live by the Catholic faith will not be welcomed as political candidates to national office, will not sit on editorial boards of major newspapers, will not be at home on most university faculties, will not have successful careers as actors and entertainers. Nor will their children, who will also be suspect. Since all public institutions, no matter who owns or operates them, will be agents of the government and conform their activities to the demands of the official religion, the practice of medicine and law will become more difficult for faithful Catholics. It already means in some States that those who run businesses must conform their activities to the official religion or be fined, as Christians and Jews are fined for their religion in countries governed by Sharia law.

. . . How does the tale end? We don’t know. The actual situation is, of course, far more complex than a story plot, and there are many actors and characters, even among the ruling class, who do not want their beloved country to transform itself into a fake church. . . .

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